Saturday, July 3, 2010

The stove stand

Stove stands are indispensable.  When necessary, they can free up space on a small picnic table.  If a picnic table isn't available, you can use a folding table and put the stove elsewhere.  Likewise, if the wind is blowing from different directions, you can adjust the location of your stove to always have it's back toward the wind.  If you're cooking something that splatters grease everywhere, it's great to be able to segregate the stove location to keep the main area clean.

Old Coleman stove stands are great but they are inherently dangerous.  They can easily cause a painful pinch of your fingers or, worse, a deep cut into a pinky.  Bummer!  Be VERY careful folding and unfolding them.  They can really BITE!  Second, the stands are inherently unstable.  What camper hasn't bumped into a stove stand only to see dinner dumped onto the ground?  It's no fun.

If you're going to use s stove stand, take time to make a custom wooden cook top for the stand.  Cut holes in the right places so the wood locks into the tabs on top of the stand.  This prevents the stand from creeping closed and tipping over when you least expect it.  Likewise, it gives you a great surface to use your shims to level the stove.  lastly, it gives you extra work space upon which to place your utensils.

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