Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Green Brothers--A Coleman Duet

Hey, this Duo is HOT!  Rock ON! Now that we have two Old Coleman Stoves, it sure didn't take long to find a credible excuse to set up BOTH of them and let the party begin.  What better day to inaugurate a Double Play than July 4th, King of Cookout Holidays.  We have company coming for a 9 am breakfast this morning.  The Green Brothers will have a starring role in making it a memorable meal.  No shuttling stuff back and forth from the inside kitchen.  Nope, most of our grub will be rustled up right on the glowing red hot burner plates courtesy of The Coleman Boys--they came from a green family long before green was chic, hip and cool.   Yeah, we're Green--Coleman Green!

July 3rd, we even unwrapped an artifact.  A NIB Coleman aluminum stove stand.  This rare artifact was purchased as a garage sale in 1999 and had remained unsealed in its original box ever since.  No kidding.  So, yesterday was the perfect Special Day to pop those old-fashioned copper staples and pull this puppy into the light of day.  We leveled up both stove, hooked one to a tank and the other to a green bottle.  We would have used two propane tanks but we have only one adapter hose.  We do keep a spare adapter so that was no problem.

Our friends arriving this morning are Spud Heads--they both are  TNN--Tater Nation Natives.  They were both born with hash brown hair and grew up curly fried.  They've always had a little scallop in their gallop and they can get half baked with the best of them!  So, naturally we HAVE to serve potatoes this morning and they can't be "Sinner Potatoes," as they call dehydrated potatoes.  They have to be the real deal--fresh fried country potatoes.  Heck, that's A LOT of work!

The biggest piece of work involved was cleaning our stainless steel griddle.  This behemoth weighs a blue ton and, over the years, it had become encrusted with a thick patina of cooking residue.  Some people call that "seasoning."  We call it YUCK!  It took about an hour of grinding, sanding, buffing, polishing and oiling but here it is in all its glory--a shaving mirror disguised as a griddle!

Well, it's T Minus Two Hours and counting until Backyard Breakfast is served.  We gotta get cracking, peeling, chopping, boiling, sizzling and just downright hopping to "git 'er dun."  We will photo document this one--it's going to be easily as good as making a meal in a real campground campsite--only it's in our backyard without all the gear hassle.

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