Saturday, July 3, 2010

More stove tips

Perhaps one of the msot fun things about an old Coleman stove is the blank palette top.  It's like an artist's canvas waiting for your creativity--something to make Crafters smile.  Years ago (perhaps 1999) it dawned on us to stencil the top of the Coleman with something that would look good when seen at any angle.  I wish we had a dollar for every smile this has sparked.  The added design really gives the stove a touch of Camp Class. It's a cheery thing to see first thing in the morning, too.  It brings a smile to our faces every time we glance at it. We haven't yet figured out what to put on the 413D.  We've sure been thinking about it a LOT, though.  We doubt it will be the same motif.  There are so many possibilities.

OK, another tip is about New Age picnic tables and Old Coleman Stoves.  You may have noticed that some public agencies are using picnic tables made from recycled milk jugs or other "green" plastic material.  This is a nice idea but the tables don't mix with Old Coleman stoves.  Nope, like oil and water.  The heat coming from the bottom of the stove can melt one of those table tops faster than a New York Minute.  That's why we always carry a piece of wood larger than the bottom of the stove.  It's in case we need to protect the picnic table top.  Besides looking really ugly, the melted plastic really STINKS and it's probably emitting toxic fumes, too. 

Keep the stove clean.  It's a really good idea to keep the grease and cooking splatter off your stove.  A dirty stove attracts flies, mice and other vermin.  It might even attract bears in Bear Country, too.  Once a year, we take the stove body to the car wash and blast the heck out of it.  Then we turn it upside down and let it thoroughly dry out.  we also use a caustic cleaner to remove grease and oil.  We're pretty Type A about keeping the stove clean.  Luckily, Old Coleman's are easy to clean.

There's one other tip about those old stove.  Use a fine (REALLY fine) piece of wire to periodically poke into the small holes that rim the circumference of the burner plates.  They do get clogged and keeping them clean will give you an even flame and a much hotter burner.

Well, that's about it for Coleman stoves.  I will take one last look in my stove bag and see if I forgot anything.

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