Thursday, May 8, 2014

Corn cakes

YUM!  Agave syrup, butter, yogurt and chopped walnuts on top of a corn cake.
Four years ago, we were smitten with being able to bake stuff while camping.  We did a pretty good job figuring out how to bake while tent camping--and NOT using dutch ovens.

One of the things campers always bake is cornbread.  Cornbread is a very reliable Ol' Camping Sidekick that probably dates back 200 or more years.

But what if you don't want to bake?  What if you want to have a "corn fix" without baking?  Well, Corn Cakes can ride to the rescue.
A local grocery put corn muffin premix on sale this week for 33 cents each in a 6.5 ounce package.  We became curious and Googled "can you make corn cakes out of corn muffin mix."  Sure enough, we found a recipe.  This morning we tested it out.  It was a home run ball.  We both loved the corn cakes.  So, now we have a new way to have a "corn fix" without baking.  The corn cakes taste a lot like corn muffins or corn bread only they are better.  Plus, corn cakes can be whipped up in practically no time at all.  That means no preheating of a dutch oven or camp oven.  And no waiting while the concoction bakes for upwards of 20 minutes.  Nope, it's almost instant gratification with corn cakes.  We love 'em and already want more of 'em.

The recipe is really simple.  Here is the link to it.  In case the link stops working, we've also put up a screen shot of the recipe below the link.  Enjoy!

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