Saturday, May 10, 2014

Buckaroo Coffee

Stephen Neal Saqui

Buckaroo coffee: Heat water over a Coleman stove. Do not let the water boil, bring it up until it is rolling but not boiling then take it off the heat and spoon two spoons of medium ground coffee (of your choice as long as it's not decaffeinated). Put the cap back on the pot and let it sit. Forget all the lies about salt or eggshell, just let it sit. Go about fixing things to eat with it if you're hungry. When the grounds have settled to the bottom, pour a cup and drink. That's Buckaroo coffee. I have a hand grinder and prefer to grind good roasted beans. Harry Rogan liked Folgers and would scoff at my way but he would drink my coffee and I his. Now there's another thing about Buckaroo the Nevada Mountains one might be out prospecting or walking (some call it hiking) and when returning to camp one ALWAYS makes a pot of Buckaroo coffee. That's how it's done. You noticed I didn't say what size spoon? Pick one.

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