Sunday, May 31, 2015

What's in those tubs?

About 35 years ago we realized "containerized camping" was the way to go.  Everything has its place.

So, what's with the Year Twenty Fifteen rig?  What's in those tubs?

First, the two small blue tubs are "truck stuff."  One tub holds tools and two Nissan repair manuals.  The other holds all the vital fluids a truck might need--antifreeze, oil, power steering, brake fluid and more.  We also travel with two spare tires, a custom lug nut breaking bar and a high flow air pump.

OK, here's the contents of the nine gray tubs:

  1. Tent
  2. Cooking utensils
  3. Food
  4. Coffee
  5. Share rain gear
  6. Susun clothes
  7. Susun hike stuff
  8. John clothes
  9. John hike stuff
Note that we hold coffee in such high regard it gets its very own tub all to itself.  Coffee is definitely not an afterthought with our camping rig!

The six gallon milk crate holds all the tie down material to pitch a tarp.  The three .30 caliber ammo cans hold:
  1. Eating utensils
  2. Spices
  3. Bear Spray
A separate metal box hold a variety of mosquito, gnat, and tick repellents.  We call it The Bug Box.

Our early 1950's Coleman stove is large enough to hold all kinds of stuff, including three propane fuel canisters and related flotsam and jetsam.

By the time everything else gets added this year, we probably won't be able to see through the rear view mirror.   Also, because we're carrying the canoe, our fuel economy will be terrible.  But what are summers for if not for camping, boating, hiking and enjoying the IdaWy outdoors?

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